Dinner Pie

I know it’s really a pot pie, but dinner pie just sounds so much cooler. And since this recipe comes courtesy of one of my favorite cooks, I had to make it stand out. This is not your regular kind of pot pie. It’s inventive and almost anyone could find a way to make it their own.


6 – 8 frozen pie crusts – about 1 pie crust per pot pie for a good size bowl

bag of frozen veggies

1 pound diced chicken

4 cloves garlic

large can + 1 small can cream of chicken soup

2 cups milk

pepper, parsley, salt for seasoning

oven safe baking dishes

Prepare your dishes with spray and line on a baking sheet.


I’ve decided to debut my new hands today. Aren’t they a nice change from the usual? Cut the pie crust into the shape of your bowl.


Place the shape in your bowl, and form some of the remaining crusts to cover the sides by pressing them together.


I can taste this already, can’t you?


Finish all your bowls. Now let’s make the filling. Saute the garlic on medium in a little olive oil.


Add the chicken, then the seasoning. Once chicken is cooked, add the soup.


Time to make the filling even better. Toss in the milk & veg.


Add the filling to your bowls.


Flour a rolling surface and roll out some of the remaining crust pieces to form a top. Here go my new hands again.


Cover the bowl. Prick the top with a fork to make some vents.


Place on a baking sheet and bake @ 350 degrees for 30 to 45 minutes. Length of time depends on how big your bowls are.


Let cool then enjoy straight from the bowl.

Muchas Gracias Timmy for the very cool recipe.

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