Not Your Mama’s Seaweed Salad

I’ve been spring cleaning this house all day! It’s left me hungry and in need of something before I pass out. So let’s up our iodine intake with this sorta seaweed salad sushi bowl thingy.

carrots – sliced

cucumbers – sliced

cabbage – sliced

black rice – precooked

pack of seaweed snack


Throw all the veg into a bowl.

Toss in the rice.

Squeeze in Sriracha to taste. If I had ginger at the time, I would have thrown that in too. Mmm, ginger.

Stir it all up. Open your package of seaweed snack. Crunch up each square over the salad. There are 12 squares per pack, so use as many as you want to taste. If you only use half of the package, promptly place the rest in a plastic baggy. Do not let this green gold go to waste.

Eat with chopsticks, it’s the only way.

Lots of yummyness for you to polish off. Mmmmmmm.


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