Competition Time : Wings

In the spirit of the Olympic Games, we decided to have a healthy competition in our house. Only rule, we had to use ingredients that were already in the house. Woo ha ha. The only new purchase was two packages of chicken wings.

Cut off those end thingies and fire up the grill. Here is ours. It’s half grill half smoker, but all awesome. Ooh and dirty.

Lay the wings out on the grill and cook em’.

Then flip and cook ’em some more.

Now divide the wings up into portions. Enough for every competitor to have a healthy amount to work with.

Competitor #1 – Bee (Tiki Masala Wings)

Turmeric, pink salt, basil, Lawry’s seasoned salt, ginger, cumin, some random chicken seasonings and garam masala.

I have no idea how much of what she used but here is what she used. Look at that beautiful yellow color!

For a dry rub you coat the wings by shaking them in the bowl. Be careful not to spill.

Then return to the grill for a few minutes to seal in the flavor.

Competitor #2 – Mom (Apple Butta BBQ Wings)

I used pepper, agave nectar, homemade apple butter, BBQ sauce and garam masala.

 No I did not measure anything. Mixture will end up like a chunky BBQ sauce when you mix it all together. Those are from the apple pieces in the apple butter.

Stir it up to evenly coat.

Competitor # 3 – Dad (Pecorino Romano Garlic Wings)

Someone acts like their rubs are all government top-secret and stuff so he disguised his ingredients in a decoy spice box. Plus he added pecorino romano cheese, garlic and salt.

The little photographer I hired for this job forgot to take her pics of Dad. Pretty much the same instructions from competitor #1. Cover with ingredients, shake and return to the grill for a few minutes.

And your up close of each competitors wings in order of 1,2 and 3.

The only thing we forgot to do was get a judge that was not involved in the competition. Wait a second, I bet I know two volunteers eager to donate their services to our cause ….

I’m going to go with a little too eager! Yeah I don’t think so! This turned into a 3 way tie. I know boring but this was so much fun we didn’t even care about a winner. Having everyone get involved with dinner is a great way to bond. 


2 thoughts on “Competition Time : Wings

  1. I had so much fun doing this, I guess if somebody wanted my recipe I would give it up if they asked for them. But yeah we should do this more often. But I think Bee’s wing were the best.

  2. This was so much fun, it was really awesome to see everyone doing there own thing so committed just to have the best wing. We should absolutely do this more often. But to be honest I think Bee’s wings were the best, just saying!

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