Lotsa Veggie Rice Paper Wraps

Oh mama have I hit the jackpot on this find. I’m currently salivating as I type. I could eat a couple of these everyday and not get tired of it. I hope you are as passionate about these after you try them.

Now listen up. You can put any veg in these that you want. Possibilities are endless! But in this one:

green onion
bean sprouts
spring roll skin
peanut satay sauce for dipping

Since I will definitely be making these again, next time it’s snap peas and baby corn too. Slice all veg into strippy pieces.

Get a pot and put in some warm water, enough to cover a sheet. Place in some roll paper and let soak for a min.

Look how soggy it will get. LOL

Place in a lil’ of everything. Don’t over stuff or you won’t get the darn thing to close.

Roll it up! Don’t forget to get saucy with the peanut satay.

If you aren’t trying to hurry up and finish reading this post so you can leave for the grocery store now, something is totally wrong with you. I know, a little judgemental but that’s what I’m here for.



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