Last week was a long week and I earned myself a special beverage.

2 Coronitas
Jose Cuervo Gold Margarita Mix with Tequila
2 large cups

First, open your beer. Get a small glass and fill it with ice. Making one of these is precise science so you must have everything ready! Now place the large cup on top of the beer.

Hold the beer to the glass and flip over. Don’t let go yet!

Pour in the ice and steady the beer against the glass.

Now you can let go. Time to pour in that special sauce.

I bet you aren’t thinking about work anymore ….

So the fun part about this drink, is mixing the beer and the margarita. Drink some marg to make room for the cerveza. Slowly lift up the beer and it will pour out into the cup.

Playing with food rocks. Gotta thank my sis-in-law for posting one of these on FB one night. I was so intrigued I had to try one 🙂 I know I’m posting this on a Monday, but you have 5 days to get annoyed and need one. You’re welcome.


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