Breakfast Sammiches

Also know as egg in a hole or the yummiest breakfast eva! Everyone in the house loves this quick breakfast.

4 pcs of Texas toast or some other thick bread

4 eggs

4 tbsp butter

1 cookie cutter

Heat up a tbsp of butter in a cast iron. Why, because it’s better than a regular pan.

Use the cookie cutter and cut a hole out of the middle of the toast. Stars make everything awesome.

Place in a piece of bread and crack an egg in the middle.

Let it cook for a few minutes then flip it over.

Look at that beauty in the pan. Just ah-mazing!

Cook for a few more minutes again. I got a kiddo who hates over easy eggs so I slice it in half and cook the middle for her. Like this …..

Serve up with a fruit and don’t forget to cook the cut out piece too. It will be fight for that!

I’m asked to make this once a week for the princess. How can I deny her a little slice of heaven? It’s been suggested to add a little manchego cheese. Best believe I will be trying that!


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