Freeto Pie

This pretty much reminds me of my very first post, Beans Beans The Magical Fruit. Except PW put masa and fritos in hers. I was curious so here is Freeto Pie.

2 pounds ground cow

3 cloves vampire repellant

14 oz tomato sauce

10 oz can rotel

salt n pepa

1 tsp oregano

1 tbsp cumin

2 tbsp chili powder

1 14 oz can each of kidney beans, black beans and pinto beans

1/4 cup masa

1/2 cup warm water

To serve: Fritos, cheese diced red onion

Brown the beef and add the garlic.

Now the sauce.

And the Ro-tel. Forgive my pic, me thinks my camera had a drink.


BEANS! Drained of course because salt is no one’s friend.

Stir well.

Mix the masa and water in a small bowl. Add into the chili.

Now you’re ready to eat!

Crunch up some fritos into a serving bowl.

Slop in some chili and top with cheese and onion if you got it.



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