Turkachoke Panini

Turkey + Artichoke = Turkachoke. Sounds weird, tastes good.

For 4 sandwiches:

8 slices bread, light rye or sourdough

1 jar artichoke hearts

2 cups baby spinach

2 laughing cow cheese wedges

4 oz neufchatel cheese

1 oz pecorino romano cheese

4 slices turkey meat

sliced roma tomatoes

Plug in panini if using. If not heat up a pan to cook like a grilled cheese. Place artichokes, spinach and cheese wedges in a food processor and mix.

Add in neufchatel and blend. If you want a little smoother, add a little of the juice from the artichoke jar.

Look how purty! Love the green specs.

Place in freshly grated pecorino.

Butter one side of bread.

Flip around and spread on some of the green goo.

Top with turkey.

And the toematers.

Butter the other slice and place on the panini.

Cook until browned and those pretty grill marks are on the sandwich.

YUMMY! That is all I have left to say.




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