Stuffed Apples

Here’s a way to have your Nutella without feeling guilty. And did I mention, for breakfast!  Doesn’t take much to make me a happy girl.

4 apples, cored

1 tbsp peanut butter

1 tbsp Nutella

1 tbsp nuts of choice

2 tbsp raisins

1 tbsp oatmeal

1 tbsp brown sugar

1/4 tsp cinnamon

First, preheat oven to 375 degrees. Get a bowl of warm water and soak the raisins. Apparently forgetting this step leaves you with burnt raisins. Yuck! I originally had 4 apples. I forgot I was making this recipe and ate one the night before. so now, 3 will have to do.

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Stir really well.

Let’s stuff some apples.

Pour some water in the baking dish. Bake for 30 minutes.

OMG I’m drooling. No joke.

Slice open and eat warm. Recipe from Spark People.


One thought on “Stuffed Apples

  1. I have been trying to “diet” and I am always craving apples with peanut butter and nutella. I come home and first thing I do is head to the fridge take a spoonful of each and grab an apple. Problem is I usually end up eating more peanut butter and nutella then apple. This post speaks to my current food fantasies, the apples look amazing. I have never seen this idea anywhere, will try for sure tommorow as it may help curb my overeating of the condiments lol.

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