Forget Starbucks Make Your Own Iced Coffee

$4.50 per drink? Oh hecks naw, they have lost their ever lovin’ minds! You can have over two weeks of that same deliciousness for about $15.00 and save some of your dignity. When gas is cheaper than coffee, we have a huge problem. Plus I bought me this Pioneer Woman book to have her sign, so I better get started on all these yum yum recipes.

pound of ground coffee


half and half

sweetened condensed milk

Divide coffee into 2 containers.

Fill with water.


Let this sit for 24 hours. Not 22 or 23. I said 24 and you need to listen.

Now that you let it sit for 24 hours, it’s time to rid of the grinds. Place cheesecloth over a colander and drain away. 

Time to make some iced coffee. In honor of Pioneer Woman I’m gonna make it my beer boot. Throw ice in your cup and add some of your special brew.

Splash in some half and half.

And a spoon of the sweetened condensed milk.

Stir n sip from ya boot!

Enjoy your cup of coffee at about a 75% discount. Thanks Pioneer Woman.


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