Naan Pizza

Naan is an Indian flatbread, and today it’s going to moonlight as pizza dough.

1 pound sausage

2 packages Naan – we did one package white and the other wheat

jar of red spaghetti sauce

tub of yogurt cheese

kalmatta olives

pecorino romano hard cheese


Brown the sausage.

Sauce up the Naan. We did a little of red sauce on two and a little yogurt cheese on the other two.

Sprinkle with the sausage, tomato, olives and cheese. Before I took this picture I randomly decided I was missing green. Since we didn’t have spinach on hand I went for the next obvious choice. Snowpeas!

Broil for a few minutes to melt the cheese and get the pizza warm.

Both versions man approved even with the snow peas. Eat up!

inspired from a recipe from Eat Clean Diet 2 Cookbook by Tosca Reno … I adore her!


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