Baked Cheese Sticks

I had a dozen leftover wontons from the Wonton breakfast post. What to do, what to do? Make baked cheese sticks of  course!

All you need are 12 wonton wrappers and 6 string cheeses, and an oven preheated to 400 degrees. Cut the cheese in half. OMG I just said cut the cheese, hopefully my brothers aren’t reading this or they will actually cut the cheese!


Lay down wrapper in a diamond shape. Place a half of the cheese at one end.

Roll up half way.

Tuck each side in. Now it’s very important to make it a tight tuck.

Wet end of wrap with water and complete the roll.

Repeat with all wrappers.

Now look really close at this pic. Do you see the openings I did not close up? Yeah this is why I said do a tight tuck. Once these were done baking half the cheese was on the pan instead of inside the stick. So not cool.

Bake for 15 minutes until browned and crispy. Hopefully this is the reaction you also get from your mini me when they hear what you have made them.

Enjoy your ooey gooey sticks of love.

Original recipe suggested marinara sauce for dip. I did not have any and I was not going to the store. They disappeared quickly without sauce so I’m sure either way rocks.


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