Dos Pea Soup

I made this for a friend of mine who was a little under the weather  and for my family too. It was so good, but I will seriously say that next time there will not be carrots added to this soup. Other than that I believe it was good as I had lots of empty bowls to clean 🙂

4 sliced up carrots – if you really want to but please look at the pics first before deciding!

4 sliced up stalks of celery

1 diced onion – I’ve been put on onion probation or I would have used 2!

9 cloves of garlic, crushed

2 tbsp olive oil


ham – I bought an already unseasoned cooked ham and cut it into pieces, about 2 cups ( save some to top the soup with)

2 cups dried split peas

1/2 teaspoon oregano

32 oz frozen peas

bunch of basil because it is the best herb ever created!

juice of half a lemon


Get ur oven nice and toasty at a hot 425 degrees. Throw celery, onion, garlic in a pan or baking sheet and evenly slather with olive oil (notice I forgot to remind you to put in the carrots HA!)  and roast for 15 minutes. Get your veg to a nice brown state of mind. 

While roasting, place spilt peas, green peas, ham, oregano, peppper in a slow cooker. Throw in vegetables.

Fill with water to the top and close up shop.

Inisder tip: I used broth from the ham that I roasted which had honey in it so there was a nice sweet taste to the soup.

Cook for 4 to 6 hours.

Let slightly cool and then place in food processor or blender to make it a soupy consistency. This is why I say don’t use the carrots. Those suckers don’t get small enough to blend in and the little chunks are yucky. Transfer blended goop to a pot and simmer, add salt, pepa, basil and lemon juice.

See what I mean? This looks like something you might find in a diaper! Can anyone say bubble guts?

Serve hot because everything tastes better hot. I sprinkled with the reserved ham pcs as well as chives since I had them. I was trying to hide the poo-ness from my guests. Oh well, they enjoyed my poo so that is all that matters. Hopefully you like my poo too!

adapted from:


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