Won Ton Fun Fun

My little squirt has been begging me for weeks to make wontons. So what the heck, let’s make them. Who could tell such a good girl that she can’t have wontons? So fine, we are making them tonight, but in two styles because I’m that good. First up, make the wontons.

8 oz cream cheese

6 oz imitation crab

little bit o’ minced onion

sprinkle o’ onion powder

50 wonton wrappers

Mix all ingredients but the wrappers. Ohh nice n gooey.

Grab the wontons and time to fill! Place a little bowl of water in your workspace. Place a teaspoon of the filling in the middle of the square. Use your finger to brush water around all sides of the wrapper. Whoever said you can’t play with your food???

Fold in a half.

Twist around and make into whatever shapes you want. If you need help with this go look it up on YouTube. I am not your mommy.

Look how purty!

Time to fry them up.

Suggested oil per TIIMMMMAAAYYYY. Fry in batches.

Now for part duex.  I like a good wonton, but you know I likes me some healthy stuff too. Wonton soup.

Head of bok choy – chopped

3 green onions – diced

32 oz beef broth

As many homemade won tons as your little heart desires.

Heat broth to a boil. Throw in wontons, boil for a few.

Add the green stuff. Do not cook too long and serve hot.

Time for the taste test ….

I’m gonna say she likes it. She made all of the wontons!

wonton soup: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUePDQ966nw

wontons: http://www.poormet.com/crab-rangoon/


2 thoughts on “Won Ton Fun Fun

  1. Next time, Tim says to add some spanish paprika to the cream cheese & crab mixture. I spices it up with a bigger flavor. That from the King of the Kitchen!!!

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