~Bacon Wrapped Jalapeños For Tebow Time~

Who wants bacon? I do! But seriously, I’m done with bacon after today as I’ve been over using it lately. So why not go out like an all star? That’s right, I’m stuffing jalapeños with cream cheese and then wrapping them with mouth watering bacon just in time for the Bronco game.

8 oz cream cheese

12 strips of bacon

6 jalapeños

Cut the tops off the jalapeños, slice them in half and remove the seeds.

Spread the cream cheese inside.

Now cover with a blankey of bacon and secure with a toothpick.

Time to sizzle for shizzle on the grizzle …. or in my case, the panini maker.

Um, can you smell that? Let it cook for 7 to 8 minutes until the bacon gets a lil’ crispy.

If you are on a diet or don’t eat pork, I guess more for me! If you would like each piece to be less cheesy, use more jalapeños, and cut the bacon in half. Forget what I said earlier, I’m making these again next weekend and I’m adding sriracha!

We enjoyed these with our company today for the Broncos game. Oh yeah it was Tebow Time!

I love the weekends. Good company, good food, good times! See you soon.

p.s. here’s a way to  make them even better

oh yeah …. that’s sriracha

Adapted from: http://blogchef.net/bacon-wrapped-jalapenos-recipe/


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