Would You Like Some Ham With Your Sugar?

So I’ve decided to be a weirdo this Thanksgiving, and make foods that are super different from the norm. Well, with the exception of a ham. Normally I would just throw it in the oven. My buddy Shaunte once brought a ham to work ans all the guys fought over every last piece. So I asked her for her recipe today knowing it would include lots of cavity inducing ingredients.


Ham – I used a shank portion, approx. 8 lbs

1/4 cup dry rub – I used a blend called cowboy rub

2 cups brown sugar

1 can pineapple slices

1 small jar maraschino cherries

1 can frozen orange juice

Get your ham, put it in the pan you plan to cook in. Take a knife and make slits all over. Rub the piggy with the dry rub and the brown sugar.

Toss in remaining sugar into the sides of the pan. Open the pineapple slices, and with toothpicks, secure them in on ham. Once done, pour the juices over the meat.

Open the jar of maraschino cherries and stick on the open end of the toothpicks. Once again, pour the cherry juice over the meat. Open your can of OJ and pour it over.

Mmmm looks like a crime scene in my kitchen tonight, oh yeah!

Wrap in foil and put in the fridge overnight.

The next day cook @ 425 degrees 30 minutes per pound in the oven or 350 degrees 20 minutes per pound in a  roaster.

Baste every 30 minutes. When done remove from oven/roaster.

Slice your piggy and eat.


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